Life in Motion

The Ultimate Intermediate Guide to Backpacking

There’s no feeling more rewarding than heading into the backcountry powered by your own two feet. Backpacking is the definition of freedom, adventure, challenge, and the joy that comes with discovery on your own timeline. 

As you transition from beginner to intermediate backpacker, your adventures require...

4 Tips For Wearing Your Stretch Web Belt

While hiking, choosing the right gear makes for a more comfortable journey. Among that gear, a breathable top, athletic pants, and sturdy shoes or boots that can handle uneven terrain are accepted as tools of the trade. 

But what if we told you that a belt...

Why You Should Wear a Belt With Your Ski Bibs

As thrill-seekers and adventurers, there’s nothing more important to all-day comfort than freedom of movement– and a contributor to gear that’s made to move with you is the right fit. 

When it comes to making sure your gear...

Everything You Need to Know About How Outdoor Belts Work

We all have that one friend who brings top-notch enthusiasm, but when it comes to gear, is constantly missing the mark. The next time that friend asks for your recommendation on how to dress for a big day outside or what to pack for...

5 Accessories to Pack on a Golf Trip


In our opinion, the best trips are centered around an activity you love. If you’re lucky enough to be headed out on a golf trip this season… we’re jealous. So that we can live vicariously through you, we put together a guide to a few accessories...

Why Suspenders are a Popular Skiing Accessory

When you’re out on the mountain skiing or snowboarding, your outfit isn’t just about style, but about being able to perform your best while staying comfortable. 

Among the variety of gear out there, one item that’s stood the...

Dos and Don’ts When Traveling With a Metal Free Belt

Traveling can be a breeze… or a series of never-ending lines that make boarding your flight on time feel impossible. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re a frequent flier or an occasional explorer, one item that can make  air travel easier is a metal free belt

5 Benefits of Wearing a Hardware Belt To Work

When the going gets tough, gear that’s able to handle your day-to-day is essential. That’s why we designed the Hardware Work Belt, a belt that’s able to support the weight of heavy tools without sacrificing on the comfort and durability all of our belts...

What To Look For When Choosing a Hiking Belt

When gearing up for a hike, every item you bring has the potential to impact your experience. Among these, a hiking belt is more than just a tool to keep your pants in place–...

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