5 Benefits of Travel Friendly Belts To Know About

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Anyone who’s ever spent time in the outdoors knows that when it comes to gear, the smallest of details can play a large part in your overall experience. This is especially true when it comes to clothing. Specifically, the fit of your clothes. Whether you’re tackling travel or your favorite outdoor activity, you’re likely going to spend time in the same few outfits. And if your waistband is too large or you’ve discovered that added gear (think: backpacks, harnesses, or the like) causes your pants to slip, well, you’re likely going to be stuck adjusting your pants for the rest of your trip. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, it might be time to consider a travel friendly belt. An often overlooked item, travel friendly belts are built to elevate comfort, convenience, and travel style– all the while serving as a lightweight, durable accessory. But how does a travel friendly belt make a difference when you’re on the move? Check out our guide to the 5 benefits of travel friendly belts to know about to find out.

1. Superior Comfort and Flexibility

Constructed from comfortable high-performance materials such as stretch webbing, travel friendly belts are flexible and elastic, ensuring that the belt molds to your body. As a result, it won't dig into your waist during long flights, extensive road trips, or any other time you’re sitting in a less-than-ideal position.

2. Durability

We all know that travel can put our belongings through the wringer (what actually happens to your bags once they’re checked?). This is why when it comes to gear, durability is non-negotiable – and our travel friendly belts are as durable as they come. Designed with long-lasting materials that are able to handle extreme environments, whether it be the desert, a crag, a vert ramp (or a less-than-ideal public restroom), our  belts won’t fray, tear, or break. Just like that bag you’ve had forever, it will serve as your reliable travel companion for years down the line.

3. TSA-Friendly

Any seasoned traveler knows the hassle of removing a belt at airport security checks. It’s annoying, and a little awkward. This inconvenience, though, can be easily avoided with the use of non-metal belts for airport security. These airport friendly belts, which come with high-density plastic belt buckles, offer a smooth, uninterrupted journey through airport security. They save you the trouble of unbuckling and rebuckling, reducing frustration and giving you more time to relax before your flight.

4. Lightweight and Easy to Pack

When traveling, every ounce of weight in your bag matters. Travel belts are designed to be lightweight, making them the perfect addition to your packing list. These belts can easily be rolled or folded without risk of damage, allowing you to tuck them into any corner of your luggage without adding bulk.

5. Versatile Style

Whether you’re on the go or not, we all love an accessory that pairs well with any outfit– and our Performance Stretch Belts do just that. Whether you're preparing for a rugged day of outdoor activities or getting cleaned up for a night out, these belts fit the bill. With a range of colors and patterns available, you can always find a belt that complements your style.

With TSA-friendly design, lightweight construction, and your comfort in mind, travel friendly belts are a versatile accessory that you’ll always be able to find room for in your bag. And when it comes to a belt that prioritizes your comfort, look no further than Arcade Belts. Our Stretch Belts combine all of the above in a variety of styles, colors, and fits to choose from. 

So, while prepping for your next adventure, don't forget your Arcade Belt. After all, in the world of travel, comfort and convenience truly do go hand-in-hand.

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