Can You Wear a Belt With Your Snowboarding Pants?

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No matter your sport, all winter athletes know that when it comes to snowboarding pants, the correct fit is essential. There’s nothing worse than hitting that long-anticipated rail, turning through moguls, or even just carrying your skis back to the lodge to find that your pants are slipping. But the question is, can you wear a belt with your snowboarding pants? 

The short answer is: yes– many winter athletes swear that snowboard belts are the best way to ensure the perfect fit. However, you don’t want to wear just any belt– durability, flexibility, and material matters. 

Our founders, Tristan Queen and professional skier Cody Townsend, founded Arcade on exactly this premise: that the traditional leather belt is no match for the flexibility needed for days on snow. So, what makes our snow pants belt the better choice? Let’s dive in. 

Fit & Flexibility 

You might not think about this when wearing a leather belt in a day-to-day setting, but when worn for performance, leather isn’t able to provide the best fit nor flexibility needed. Traditional leather belts only feature a fixed set of punch holes for fit, which means they're often end up too tight or too loose. 

Arcade Belts were built as a solution to this problem. Their microadjustable buckle allows for infinite adjustments. Plus elastic waistband allows them to move and flex with your body, molding to your waist while offering a snug comfortable fit that doesn’t restrict your movements. This lightweight, barely-there feel reduces the pinching and discomfort many experience with non-performance belts– so that you can focus on pushing your limits rather than the limitations of your gear. 


Athletes need theirgear to perform regardless of the conditions. Traditional materials, such as leather, break down when wet– making them not the best option for snowsports. 

Arcade Belts are constructed from high-quality, durable materials, such as REPREVE, able to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor activities while retaining their shape and elasticity. These materials are designed to withstand the elements, allowing your ski pants belt to keep its form and fit over time. Additionally, when your elastic ski belt inevitably gets dirty, simply throw it in the wash with the rest of your clothing for an easy clean. 

Thoughtfully Designed for Performance 

Belts are an essential piece of performance gear– and it’s time they be treated like one. As a commitment to this principle, every aspect of our stretch belts are optimized with performance in mind, including our plastic locking buckle, which prevents loosening while remaining light enough to not weigh you down. 

Additionally, as athletes, we know that unexpected tumbles are part of the experience– and we purposely designed our belts to ensure minimal impact from heavy or hard features, such as a metal buckle. While we can’t ensure that your other gear won’t get in the way of a hard fall (although we wish we could!), we can say that in the event of a crash, our belts won’t be a cause for concern. 

When looking for the best belt for ski pants, we’d recommend starting with our A2 Performance Stretch Belt. Tested for countless days in both the lab and on snow, the A2 is built with a low-profile, contoured buckle, tapered design, and performance stretch.

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