5 Must-Know Tips for Cleaning & Maintaining Your Elastic Belts

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As the original creators of the performance stretch belt, we are passionate about making products that enable movement – while serving up comfort to boot. Through repeated innovation and testing our lifestyle and outdoor belts are now made from performance stretch webbing that’s 85% Repreve® recycled polyester and 15% natural rubber, along with a non-invasive high density plastic buckle. 

But, as with any item in our closet, it’s going to acquire sweat, stains, dirt, and other grime that eventually, will need some attention. So, how do you clean your adjustable belt? Check out our guide to 5 Must-Know Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Elastic Belts below. 

Washable Belts

1. Throw Your Belt in the Washing Machine 

If you’re like us, you probably throw your grimy post-adventure socks, shorts, and tees straight into the hamper upon your return home. How does your belt fit into the equation? Well, the good news is that our athletic belts can go right in the washer and dryer alongside the rest of your clothes. Simply leave the belt in your pants or shorts through both wash and dry cycles, and voila, your belt is as good as new. We just recommend that you clip the buckle closed to prevent the belt from slipping out of your pants. 

Note: We do not recommend machine washing the following belts: Lifestyle belts with non-plastic buckle inlays. If these need cleaning, a damp cloth will do the trick.

Belt in back of truck with fishing gear

2. Don’t Neglect Regular Cleaning 

Even if your belt doesn't appear visibly dirty, it's still a good idea to clean it regularly. Over time, sweat, dirt, and oils can accumulate, and while the elastic belt will continue to function, it may not look or smell as fresh. A simple run through the wash once a month, or as needed, can prevent this buildup and keep your belt in tiptop shape.

Slim plastic belt buckle

3. Don’t Overstretch Your Belt

Stretch belts are known for their elasticity, making them a versatile companion wherever your day happens to take you. However, repeatedly stretching the flexible belt to its maximum limit can potentially strain and weaken the fibers over time, reducing its lifespan. Try to avoid habitually overstretching your belt by making sure that you've chosen the correct size for your waist. A correctly sized, comfortable belt will provide all the flexibility you need without compromising on longevity. Check out our size guide for more information.  

Elastic belt in water

4. Avoid extreme heat, flames, and sharp objects

We get it, sometimes the outdoors gets a little heated. And as long as you’re being safe, we’re fully on board with controlled campfires and the use of pocketknives as a tool, because that’s what the experience is about, right? 

However, while we might be on board, your stretch belts are not. As they’re constructed from synthetic materials susceptible to heat and flames, exposing your belt to these elements can cause the material to melt, deform, or catch fire themselves. While the belts are made for adventure, it's important to use common sense and avoid direct contact with open flames, excessive heat sources, and sharp objects that could pierce through the fabric.

Outdoor belt mountain biking

5. Make Use of our Lifetime Guarantee

As lifelong seekers of adventure, we know the value of long-lasting gear that doesn’t skimp on comfort. As a result, Arcade Belts are made to last year after year. If they don’t, we’ve (probably) got you covered with our lifetime guarantee that promises to either fix or replace your belt. Dive into the fine print for more information on what is and isn’t covered. 

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