5 Reasons to Add Suspenders to Your Wardrobe

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You might think of suspenders as something your grandpa used to wear. But, suspenders are actually a practical piece of gear that might make sense for you– particularly when it comes to outdoor adventures. Let’s dive into the top five reasons you should consider adding suspenders to your (outdoor) wardrobe.

1. Perfect For All Terrain 

When you’re on the move, you need clothing that works with you, not against you. Enter suspenders. Their ability to adjust to the dimensions of your body means that no matter the season (and the layers that come with it), your suspenders will be able to provide the support you need– whether you’re in your snow gear or wearing hiking pants. 

2. Unbeatable Comfort

Constructed from heavy-duty stretch webbing, our suspenders toe the line of being both supportive yet incredibly comfortable. Strong webbing gives you the freedom of motion to move your body the way you need to, while still providing a strong hold with no-slip metal clips. 

3. Customizable Fit 

Every body is unique, and suspenders respect that. They allow for a customizable fit that can be easily adjusted to suit your body, no matter how the addition of layers affect sizing. The best part? Easy-to-adjust clips mean you can make adjustments on the fly, rather than stopping your momentum to fidget with your gear. 

4. Lower Back Relief 

If you're someone who spends a lot of time on their feet or carrying heavy loads on their back (think backpacking or hiking), hiking suspenders can provide relief while offering the same support that belts do. Suspenders take the pressure off your waist and distribute it across your shoulders, helping prevent lower back discomfort or pain while also keeping your pants up. 

5. Prevent Bunching

As anyone who spends time in heavy jackets and snow pants knows, it’s easy for your jacket to bunch around your waist or your pants to slip, especially when you’re standing up and sitting down frequently (such as on a ski lift) or adding and removing layers as the temperatures change throughout the day. 

To avoid the hassle, try wearing suspenders. Snow pant suspenders are a great way to prevent bunching and sagging because they keep your snow pants clipped in place while discreetly hidden under your jacket. And unlike bibs, which can be cumbersome to remove, ski suspenders can be easily unclipped for hassle-free removal. 

As you venture into the world of suspenders, check out our Jessup Suspenders. Like our belts, we ensure that our suspenders deliver on function, durability, and comfort. As a result, we've given classic suspenders a modern upgrade without compromising on their tried and true design. 

The Jessup Suspenders feature heavy-duty stretch webbing and durable hardware that meet the highest performance standards. With easy adjustment and a design that holds tight without slipping, they’re built to accompany you on all of your adventures. Their added stretch ensures they move with you, providing optimal comfort no matter what the day has in store.

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