Ultimate Guide to Snow Gear for Your Next Mountain Adventure

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For winter thrill-seekers and powder chasers, every day on the slopes is a new adventure. But, as any seasoned winter athlete knows, the experience on the mountain is only as good as your gear. Our team at Arcade Belts is all about elevating your days on the mountain with equipment that performs. Dive into our Ultimate Guide to Snow Gear for Your Next Mountain Adventure to discover how the right accessories can transform your time on the slopes.

1. Après Ski Balm 

Protect yourself from wind, sun, and cold with Après Ski Balm by Earth Elements Organics. While layering up can shield your body, your face often bears the brunt of these forces. Crafted with Raspberry Leaf Oil, Après Ski Balm serves as more than a balm to apply when the day is done, but a shield against the wind, sun, and cold you’ll (literally) face throughout the day as well.   

Additionally, Après Ski Balm is small enough to stow away in your jacket pocket or keep in your backpack in case you forget to apply before you go. 

2. Honey Stinger Waffle

When packing for a ski day, it's easy to forget that snacks are essential to keeping your energy up– because it's easy enough to stop for lunch at the resort dining area, right? While that might be true, that often comes with long wait times, expensive prices, and limited choices.

Bringing your own snacks ensures that you have quick access to energy when you need it most, allowing you to maximize your time on the slopes. Plus, with your favorite treats on hand, you can refuel on-the-go, keeping your momentum up and your spirits high. 

Honey Stinger Waffles are delicious and packed with the energy you need to perform. These portable, organic energy waffles available in a variety of flavors are easy to digest and turn into a quick fuel source mid-activity. 

3. Voilé Straps

Reliability meets functionality when it comes to Voilé Straps. Crafted for the adventurer, these straps are a testament to durability, ensuring that your gear stays in place no matter where the daytakes you. Use Voilé Straps to bind skis together, attach skis to your pack, create extra traction underneath your skins or pole grips, and repair pretty much anything in a pinch. 

We particularly love that the buckle on Voilé straps doesn’t freeze in snow or ice, and that they can be tightened or loosened with gloves on. Shop our Arcade-branded Voilé Straps, ensuring your gear stays secure while you make a statement on the slopes.

4. SKIDA Alpine Neckwarmer 

An essential when hitting the slopes, the SKIDA Alpine Neckwarmer is designed to provide warmth from your neck to your nose. The neckwarmer’s double-layer fabric ensures that you remain toasty even on the most frigid of days, with an outer layer that wicks away moisture and a micro-fleece inner layer that offers a soft touch on your skin. Made in snowy northern Vermont, the SKIDA Neckwarmer is an essential when battling cold conditions. 

5. Stretch Suspenders 

If you haven’t tried out our stretch suspenders on the slopes yet, now’s the time. Just like our belts, our snow pant suspenders are a testament to our commitment to function, durability, and comfort– ensuring that your pants remain in place as you carve, shred, and bomb down the hill. Say goodbye to constantly adjusting your waistband– with our ski suspenders, you can focus solely on the adventure at hand. And unlike traditional suspenders, our belt suspenders aren’t restrictive, keeping your waistband secure while allowing for unrestrained movement. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and even youth sizes, there's a perfect pair for everyone. And with easy adjustability, securing that perfect fit on-the-go is a breeze. 

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