What To Look For When Choosing a Hiking Belt

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When gearing up for a hike, every item you bring has the potential to impact your experience. Among these, a hiking belt is more than just a tool to keep your pants in place– but an important piece of gear that can impact your comfort and efficiency on the trail. 

For those new to the world of belts for hiking, let’s dive into factors you should consider when selecting the right hiking belt for you.


The most obvious element to consider when choosing a hiking belt is the material it’s constructed from. Traditional belt materials, such as leather or faux leather, add unnecessary weight and aren’t built for performance. 

Polyester, on the other hand, dries fast while remaining lightweight. At Arcade, we’ve chosen to construct our belts from recycled REPREVE®️ polyester because of its incredible durability and uncompromised performance– all the while making less of an impact on the environment. 


Whether you're an avid hiker or weekend warrior, durability is non negotiable. A hiking pants belt should be able to hold up to elements like water, dirt, and friction without missing a beat. To make sure that your belt of choice is durable enough to hike in, check the belt’s stitching and the quality of the material it's constructed from. 


Hiking belts quickly become useless if they’re not comfortable. Look for elastic hiking belts that feature stretch and are made from material that doesn't dig into the skin, ensuring all-day comfort. 


Your belt won’t be comfortable if it doesn’t fit your body properly. A lightweight hiking belt should be easily adjustable to accommodate changes in your body as well as varying layers of clothing. At Arcade, functionality– and therefore, fit, is our biggest priority. That’s why our belts are designed from performance stretch and a micro-adjustable buckle that dials into your perfect fit. 

Lightweight Design 

While hiking, there’s no need to wear a bulky belt with a heavy metal buckle. Choose a belt designed with lightweight materials, such as polyester, and that features a durable plastic buckle that cuts down on weight while still doing its job. 

Buckle Type

The comfort of your belt is more than what the band of the belt is constructed from, but it's buckle type as well. Traditional prong or fork buckles that fit into evenly spaced holes don’t create a custom fit, but a series of predesigned sizes you need to adapt to. 

That’s why the team at Arcade designed all of our belts with sliding buckles, more precise than holes, and able to dial into your body’s exact fit. Additionally, the belt’s tapered buckle design feeds easily through belt loops, making it easy to put on and take off, while an elastic belt keeper keeps excess material in place. Why yes, we did think of everything. 

Just as you wouldn’t wear slacks and a dress shirt on a hike, there’s no reason to wear a traditional belt outdoors. In fact, Arcade Belts was founded on the belief that belts could– and should– be built better. That means more streamlined design, lightweight materials, and an easy-to-operate buckle that dials into a custom fit. When you’re outdoors, the need for a better belt is even more important. It’s time to ditch the belts that have never worked for you and opt for something better. 

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