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Earth Day Matters

Turning our impact into a positive one.


Since the beginning, we’ve explored. Chasing good times in good company—be it friends, trees, the oceans we swim in, or the land we walk on. All these extraordinary places and the wondrous planet we dwell are not here for us to take, rather to be respected and preserved.

Earth Day is a moment for us to reflect on how we can be better stewards of the outdoors and reduce our impact. Though we are far from perfect, we believe all positive actions count, and add up to something big.

We are very proud to work with and give back to amazing non-profit partners. Protect Our Winters (POW) and Save the Waves Coalition are two of these partners, who are leading voices in environmental conservation, and making a meaningful difference in offsetting climate change and human impact.


A community of athletes, scientists, creatives, and business leaders, who work tirelessly to protect outdoor places from climate change. The organization mobilizes and advocates policy change for everything from clean energy to protecting public lands from fossil fuel extraction.


A surf ecosystem is more than a wave—it’s the place, the plants, the animals, and people around it. From issues as big as commercial development to as small as beach litter, this coalition tackles matters at all scales, aiming to create healthy ecosystems for future generations.



Celebrate Earth Day by shopping our exclusive collections while supporting a good cause.

We are giving back 10% of sales from the Jimmy Chin collection and our Save the Waves collab to our partners, to help protect the special places of our home.

Redfish and the Lowcountry

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