Lifetime Guarantee & Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don’t feel totally uninhibited and inspired to make moves within 30 days of rocking your Arcade Belt, we’ll make it right. Please note our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is only applicable for sales on Purchases from authorized dealers are subject to their return policy. 

Here’s how to send back product under satisfaction guarantee:

• Follow the link below to submit a customer satisfaction guarantee request. You will need the order number to process a refund. To find your order number please reference your order email or your order history on your customer account page

• Once you have submitted your request a return shipping label will be immediately available to print. It will also be emailed to you with a summary. — just add this to your package and drop it off at the nearest carrier location. 

• You will have the option of an exchange, refund, or store credit for your return. Exchanges process as soon as the returned product's shipping label has been scanned by the carrier. A return will process once the returned product is at our warehouse. Store credit will be immediately available. Refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days. 


Lifetime Guarantee

Arcade Belts are made to last through adventure after adventure and while nothing lasts forever, we made damn sure they’re made to last as long as possible — unpredictable hiccups that keep it from getting all worn-in like your favorite tee (like a buckle that stops buckling) fall under our “we’ll fix it” warranty from now to years later. As for board crashes and unexpected falls, we’ll give you a Crash Replacement discount (this even covers “my dog ate my belt” -- A) bad dog, and B) we’ll ask for pics).

What’s covered:

• Guarantee - “Whoops” Defects. Manufacturer-type defects are fully covered. Like failed stitching or buckles that don’t buckle.

• Crash Replacement Discount - It happens to the best of us, so if you biffed up your belt, we’ll give you a discount to go toward your next purchase on

What’s not covered:

• Anything that naturally happens over time — like how your favorite tee will get worn-in after years of use — doesn’t fall under our warranty or crash replacement. Arcade Belts will naturally need replacing.

• Non-adventure life things like a friend perma-borrowing your belt, never to be seen again (we all have that friend).

• To process a warranty claim follow the link to our Warranty Form.


• Have a question not covered here? Please email us at