Everything You Need to Know About How Outdoor Belts Work

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We all have that one friend who brings top-notch enthusiasm, but when it comes to gear, is constantly missing the mark. The next time that friend asks for your recommendation on how to dress for a big day outside or what to pack for a weekend trip (or, if you are that friend), we have the answer to their question: invest in an outdoor belt

But what is an outdoor belt, and how do they work? We dive into frequently asked questions about our favorite piece of gear below. 

What Are Outdoor Belts?

Outdoor belts are constructed to offer support and functionality beyond what you'd expect from a traditional belt. These adjustable belts are crafted to move with your body, withstand harsh, variable conditions, and, due to superior buckle construction, are easy to take off and put back on. The key differences between a traditional belt and a belt for the outdoors are the materials, construction, and features specifically tailored to outdoor or athletic activities.

Types of Outdoor Belts

Just like all quality pieces of gear, we design our belts with performance and the user in mind. We offer belts in these 3 categories: 

Adventure Belts 

Designed to match your active lifestyle, Adventure Belts can be used across a range of activities, from road to trail or water. The durability and comfort of these athletic belts make them a favorite among athletes, gearheads, and those who thrive in the outdoors..

Lifestyle Belts 

Built for all day comfort, Lifestyle Belts are perfect for those who move between urban and outdoor settings. These comfortable belts are the multifunctional piece you need to complete your look– while still offering durability and support.

Utility Belts 

Utility belts are workhorses, built specifically for tough environments and made to work hard for those who go hard. Crafted from abrasion resistant fabric with an ultra durable buckle, these flexible belts are designed to handle everything you need on the job. 


How Outdoor Belts Work 

At Arcade, our design team has taken outdoor belts to the next level through top tier design and the sourcing of quality materials that last. From the beginning, we’ve constructed our belts from thermo-molded plastic buckles that offer a metal-free solution to durability and functionality. 

Unlike other brands, we’ve developed our own proprietary molds that allow us to design durable and functional belt buckles that are truly unique– featuring either two or three pieces that ensure flexibility and a completely custom fit. 

Benefits of Plastic Buckles

  • Durability: Unlike metal, our plastic buckles won’t become brittle in cold temperatures.

  • Low Profile: Our buckles are designed to be sleek and unobtrusive.

  • Lightweight: Enhancing comfort, especially important during long treks.

  • TSA Friendly: Ideal for those on the go, our metal free belts make traveling a breeze.

  • Customized Fit: Unlike other materials, our plastic belt buckles are designed with a micro-adjustable dial that ensures a custom fit. 

Our Webbing

All our belts, with the exception of the Utility line, use REPREVE® polyester webbing, a material made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This choice reduces our carbon footprint without compromising on strength, functionality, and durability over time.

The team at Arcade is proud to offer high-quality outdoor belts built to function– both indoors and out– while never sacrificing on style or comfort. To find the right style of belt for you, check out our Belt Finder. For our full list of offerings, shop our site. 

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