5 Accessories to Pack on a Golf Trip

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In our opinion, the best trips are centered around an activity you love. If you’re lucky enough to be headed out on a golf trip this season… we’re jealous. So that we can live vicariously through you, we put together a guide to a few accessories that will make your trip a bit more comfortable. Let’s dive in. 

1. Bombas Golf Socks

Comfort starts from the ground up, and Bombas golf socks are designed with the golfer in mind. Known for their comfort, breathability, and arch support, these socks are engineered to reduce moisture and friction, keeping your feet dry and comfortable on the course. Their targeted cushioning and reinforced heel and toe make walking the course a breeze, while their Honeycomb Arch Support System cradles your foot for all day comfort. 

2. Melin Cap

Every golfer knows that a high quality cap that protects your eyes from the sun is a must-have. Melin’s caps stand out for their unique features you won’t find anywhere else, such as their custom side tee holder and closed rear panels that create additional sun protection on the course. For those extra warm days, their breathable design helps regulate temperature, allowing you to stay focused on your game. 

3. Goodr Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun is vital for performance. For this reason, Goodr sunglasses are a golfer's best friend. Designed specifically for sports, these sunglasses offer grip-coated frames to stay in place during your swing and polarized lenses to reduce glare, so that you can perform at your best, even with sun in your eyes. They're lightweight, durable, and come in a variety of styles. 

4. Sundays Golf Towel

A clean golf ball and clubs significantly impact your game. That's where Sundays’ Golf Towel comes in handy. This high-quality, microfiber towel is the perfect tool for cleaning your gear and comes in stylish designs that adds personal style to your bag. Its quick-drying and highly absorbent features make it ideal for wiping away dirt, sand, or moisture, making sure your gear is always in top form.

5. Golf Stretch Belt

Comfort and flexibility are key on the golf course, which makes our Stretch Golf Belt a must-have piece of gear. Unlike traditional leather belts, Arcade’s golf belts offer a stretchy, comfortable fit that moves with you as you swing, walk the course, and celebrate your game afterwards. Its low-profile buckle and adjustable design mean it fits your waist comfortably, keeping your pants in place without discomfort or restriction of movement.

Between mastering your swing and hitting the bar once the day is done, all-day comfort is key to the success of your game– and a good time. That’s why the team at Arcade is an advocate of flexible, durable gear built with your performance in mind– because the last thing you want is for your day to end early because your gear can’t keep up. Our collection of belts for golfers are made from performance stretch that conforms to your body, and durable plastic buckles that are lightweight, low-profile, and ensure a custom fit. Be sure to check them out, and snag a few for your friends. 

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