Why Suspenders are a Popular Skiing Accessory

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When you’re out on the mountain skiing or snowboarding, your outfit isn’t just about style, but about being able to perform your best while staying comfortable. 

Among the variety of gear out there, one item that’s stood the test of time and continues to gain traction with winter athletes are ski suspenders. No longer just for formal or work attire, stretch suspenders have found a new niche on the slopes, and for good reason.

Here are 6 reasons why snow pant suspenders have become a staple for skiing and snowboarding:

1. They Keep Your Pants in Place

When hitting your favorite trail, there’s nothing worse than trying to extend one leg just to realize that your snow pants are restricting your movement because they’ve slipped down your waist. 

To prevent this from happening, many winter athletes are turning to suspenders to keep their snow pants in place. Unlike belts, suspenders distribute the weight of your pants evenly across your shoulders, ensuring they stay put– no matter what you’re up to. This is particularly beneficial when navigating glades or hitting the terrain park.

2. Overall Comfort

When you’re spending hours on the mountain, comfort is often the main thing keeping you there. Suspenders eliminate the need for a tight waistband, providing a more relaxed fit around the waist. This freedom of movement is especially appreciated by athletes for complex maneuvers.

3. Prevents Snow from Getting Inside

When you take a tumble in the snow, the last thing you want is for it to find its way inside your snow pants. Suspenders help create a seal around your waist, reducing your chances of snow infiltration– especially on powder days when deep snow and frequent falls are par for the course.

4. Adjustability

Suspenders come in various styles and designs, and usually offer adjustable straps to customize their fit according to your body and personal preference. This adaptability ensures a snug and comfortable fit, allowing you to focus on the sport at hand rather than your gear.  

5. Style

Beyond their practical benefits, suspenders are a way to make a statement. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and materials available, they’re a unique accessory for expressing your style– especially during the spring season, when you’re ripping without a jacket. 

Whether you're heading into the backcountry or enjoying après-ski festivities in the lodge, ski suspenders are a functional way to keep your snow pants secure while enjoying your sport. We’ve constructed our belt suspenders from heavy-duty stretch webbing and durable, no-slip metal clips designed to hold tight without damaging fabric. 

The team at Arcade is proud to offer suspenders that take durability and comfort seriously. Before hitting the slopes, take a look at our collection of Stretch Suspenders, made to move with you. 

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