Should You Wear a Belt While Biking?

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No matter the activity, the best gear is made to move with you. This is especially true while bike riding, as your gear majorly impacts your comfort. 

As experts in outdoor belts, we’ve long been asked the question, “should you wear a belt while biking?” The answer depends on what type of riding you’re doing. For those interested in long mileage on a road bike, a belt probably isn’t the most helpful choice of gear, as bike shorts with a chamois pad makes long hours and high mileage days a whole lot more comfortable. 

But for bike commuters, mountain, and gravel bikers, a performance belt can be a game-changing addition to your kit. Why? We dive in deeper below:

1. Trail to Town Just Got Easier 

As advocates for adventure, we know that there’s nothing better than a big day cruising single-track. But sometimes, the right move is a quick ride into town with friends, or spending the day on a local bike path with family. In these cases, webbing belts make the transition from trail to town that much easier – allowing for gear that fits properly both on and off the bike.

2. Keeps Your Shorts in Place

The challenge when choosing bike gear is that the sport requires both of your hands, leaving neither free to make necessary gear adjustments. This means that gear that fits properly from the start is essential – especially in a sport that requires concentration and dynamic movement that might cause gear to shift in the process. 

An elastic stretch belt is built to perform in cases such as these, as its performance stretch webbing moves with your body, providing a secure hold, while its micro-adjustable buckle dials into your exact fit.

3. Adds Personal Style 

While mountain and gravel biking traditionally features dark colors that doesn’t leave much room for style, it doesn’t have to be that way. Stretchy belts are an easy way to add a bit of your personal style to the trail, whether you prefer a pop of color or a buckle design that stands out. 

Choosing the Right Belt for Biking and Beyond

While we recommend adding a belt to your kit, not all belts are created equal. To make sure you’re choosing a belt that’s made for sport, here’s what to look for:

1. Performance Webbing

Just like all of your other bike gear, your belt’s material matters. Elastic belts constructed from performance webbing are ideal for sport, as they’re flexible enough to move with you while tough enough to last ride after ride.

2. Easy On & Off 

The best outdoor gear is easy to throw on and take off. The tapered buckle design on our stretchy belts feeds easily through belt loops, making on & off a breeze.

3. Durability 

We’re firm believers that your gear should be as tough as you. As a result, we constructed our belts that stretch from durable performance stretch fabric that will last for years to come.

4. Easy to Care for 

We’re not in the business of adding another task to your to-do list. Our Stretch Web Belts are machine washable and dryable, meaning that the only care required is that you throw them in the wash with the rest of your outfit. 

The team at Arcade is proud to be part of the force here to change the way you think about belts. With a micro-adjustable buckle that ensures custom sizing, our belts are built to go everywhere – without ever letting you or your pants down. Check out our offering of Stretch Web Belts, built to keep your pants in place and your hands firmly on your handlebars, and be sure to grab a few for your bike friends, too. 

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