The Evolution of Today’s Golf Outing Gear

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From early wooden clubs to today's equipment, golf gear has certainly transformed over time to reflect the era’s values and trends. Below, we'll explore how golf gear has evolved, focusing on how advancements in both tech and style have influenced the game.

The History of Golf Gear

Did you know that golf originated in Scotland in the eighteenth century? While the sport is rumored to have been played long before that time in churchyards and down streets, the official rules of the game were written down in 1744. At that time, players used what we would call primitive gear today, consisting of wooden clubs and feather-stuffed balls.

As the sport gained popularity, the 19th and 20th centuries saw advancements including the gutta-percha ball, a ball made from packing material, and the introduction of clubs made from steel. 

Advancements in Clothing and Accessories

But golf gear is as much about apparel, accessories, and more as it is about clubs and golf balls. So, how has golf apparel evolved over time? Let’s dive in. 


Golf apparel has transitioned from formal, restrictive clothing to today's apparel, which prioritizes mobility, comfort, and contemporary style. The sport is seeing a new generation of players that prefer athleisure-style clothing to formalwear, and are running with it – while adding their own personal flare along the way. 


Similar to the evolution of golf apparel, golf accessories have evolved to prioritize the comfort of the player. We’ve seen an increase in golf socks and shirts that are comfortable, breathable and are available in colors and patterns that allow for players to show off their personal style. At Arcade, we’ve seen a rise in popularity of our golf stretch belts, elastic belts that are lightweight enough to not be a burden on the course, while comfortable enough for all-day play. Plus, the buckles on our stretch golf belts are micro-adjustable, allowing the wearer to dial in to a completely custom fit. 

Influence of Fashion and Culture

It’s no secret that the sport’s fashion is influenced by iconic figures in the game. Early ‘90s champ Payne Stewart revolutionized the sport with his affinity for traditional knickers while Tiger Woods is known far and wide for his iconic red shirt-black pants look. Additionally, major sports brands have played big roles in mainstreaming contemporary golf fashion, integrating style with performance fabrics – including polo-style shirts made from breathable fabrics and loose-fitting pants that perform.

Whether you’re looking to tee up for the first time or are a certified pro, the right gear is a game-changer. For over 13 years, the team at Arcade has been on a mission to build a better belt: one that’s comfortable enough for all-day wear and durable enough to last for years to come. Our belts for golfers are no different – built to perform without ever letting you or your pants down.

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