5 Ways Belts Have Changed the Outdoor Sports Industry

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Whether you’re a climber or hiker, gear plays a big role in how you experience your favorite sport. While it might feel like there are endless options for outdoor gear available today, the amount of choice we experience hasn’t always been the case. The first climbing harness, for example, wasn’t even available in the United States until 1968– less than 60 years ago– proving that innovation in the outdoor industry developed rapidly in a short period of time. 

The same is true for outdoor belts: until recently, standard practice called for wearing traditional leather belts outside, or going without. 

From climbing high peaks to running on rugged trails, here are 5 ways athletic belts have transformed the outdoor sports industry: one buckle at a time. 

1. Freedom to Move

Today, the best piece of gear is one you don’t have to think about. Traditional belts are known to restrict motion due to their rigidity and lack of durability. Flexible belts have changed the game. Made from performance stretch webbing that moves with you, they allow for full range of motion without sacrificing on support. 

Whether it’s scaling a rock face or stretching during a warm-up, flexible belts move as you do, allowing you to perform at your best.

2. All-day Comfort 

In our opinion, gear should be constructed to keep up with you – not force you to turn in due to discomfort. 

Adjustable belts have risen in popularity among athletes and adventurers because of their ability to provide a perfect fit day in and day out. As your needs change — whether from layers added or removed — an adjustable belt easily tightens and loosens to prevent the discomfort caused by a poor fit. 

3. Lightweight Gear Matters

Iconic adventures require gear lightweight enough to keep up. Lightweight belts have become an important part of an athlete's wardrobe, designed to provide functionality without adding unnecessary bulk. These belts are crafted from materials like performance stretch webbing and a high-density plastic buckle, offering durability without the heft. For athletes counting every ounce, a lightweight belt becomes the best friend we all need against the gravity of extra weight.

4. Streetwear Doesn’t Cut it Outdoors 

While you might be able to get away with wearing the leather belt you wear to your office job on a short weekend hike, you’ll only get so far. Investing in gear built specifically for the outdoors, including features such as durable design, performance materials, and easy adjustability, are important for long-term functionality, comfort, and performance. 

5. Function Comes First 

At Arcade, functionality comes first, every time. That’s why our belts are designed first and foremost to serve a purpose — whether it’s to hold essential tools, like our line of Utility Belts, or to give you the support you need without slowing down, like our Adventure Stretch Belts. Features like performance stretch, a micro-adjustable buckle, and easy on-and-off make these belts a trusted ally, no matter the adventure.

At Arcade, we’ve spent the last 13 years revolutionizing the way belts can function better in every aspect of life, making them more comfortable, more durable, and made to move with you. 

We’ve found that even the smallest adjustments in our gear makes a big difference, and think that you will, too. Check out our collection of comfortable belts: providing unrestrained function no matter how you move. 

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