Top 5 Ski & Snowboard Events to Check Out This Winter

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While resort skiing and snowboarding has its perks, this winter, do things a little differently. Venture beyond the typical groomed trails to immerse yourself in off-the-beaten path ski and snowboarding events– where adrenaline-pumping competition meets the  eclectic spirit of snow culture. So that you can start planning ahead of time, we compiled a list of our favorite ski and snowboard events to check out this winter. 

1. Mothership Classic– Tahoe, CA 

Located at PalisadesTahoe Resort, the Mothership Classic is an annual fundraiser held each spring at the resort’s iconic KT-22 chairlift. Participants are challenged to hot lap KT-22– from first chair to last– as many times as possible outfitted in their most nostalgic ski attire. Tackle the event on whatever gear your heart desires, from skinny skis to that retro snowboard hiding in your garage. The event benefits High Fives Foundation, a local non-profit organization that provides support for injured athletes to keep pursuing their dreams.

As you’re making your way down the mountain, be sure to wave hello to the team at Arcade. We sponsor the event every year and will be out there riding for our friends at High Fives. 

2. Last Skier Standing– Rumford, ME

An endurance event that celebrates all that the Northeast has to offer, Last Skier Standing challenges skiers to skin up and ski down a 1100 ft. route of Maine’s Black Mountain as many times as possible. Following a “backyard ultra” model typical in the trail running world, participants line up for the climb every hour, on the hour, until, true to its name, the last skier is standing.

3. Cowboy Downhill– Steamboat, CO 

Born when former Olympic Skier, Billy Kidd, and world champion cowboy, Larry Mahan, decided to create an event featuring both of their skills, the Cowboy Downhill brings cowboys to the slopes of Steamboat Springs for races of all kinds. Now in its 49th year, the Cowboy Downhill draws in thousands of spectators who simply want to witness cowboys on skis. 

4. High Noon Duel– Winter Park, CO 

Described as “synchronized snowboarding madness,” the High Noon Duel is a snowboarding contest that encourages the free spirited nature of the sport. The rules? There aren’t any. Watch snowboarders (literally) jump through hoops to win.

5. Boot Tan Fest– Glenwood Springs, CO 

An event for women and femmes, Sunlight Mountain Resort’s annual Boot Tan Fest is all about creating a fun and safe space within the backcountry ski community. Participants are encouraged to strip down for a naked ski lap– because snow culture is about pushing your boundaries. 

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