Ways To Enjoy Your Scenic Hiking Experience in the Mountains

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When you move your body, you free your mind. Whether it's a jaunt up your local trail or a multi-day adventure, hiking is a great way to do both – especially when you bring along your friends and family. Here are a few tips to make every hike a memorable one: 

1. Hike With Like-minded Friends 

If you’re looking to use your hike as a reminder to appreciate the great outdoors and reconnect with nature, bring along friends that have the same goal. Together, you can swap stories, resources, and of course, shared views. 

2. Remember to Take Pictures 

If you’re like many members of our team, you get distracted by stepping over roots and rocks on the trail, and forget to look up at the surrounding beauty. Preserve the memory of your hike by remembering to take photos – both on the trail and at the summit. For those who want to capture the moment without the distraction of your phone, packing a digital camera is a great way to take the views home with you, without the need for screens.

3. Identify Local Flora and Fauna 

We’ve found that using a hike as a way to learn about local flora and fauna adds an element of fun to your trip – sort of like an adult version of “eye spy.” Consider carrying a field guide or downloading an app designed for nature identification to help recognize and learn about the species you come across.

4. Take Breaks to Enjoy the Scenery 

While we’re always advocates for pushing your body to its limits, make sure to enjoy the view at the top, too. If you’re on a particularly intense hike or trail run, pause your watch and take a minute to appreciate how far you’ve come – we promise it won’t affect your KOM status. 

5. Plan for a Sunrise or Sunset

The best way to ensure dramatic views and fewer crowds on trails? To hike at sunrise or sunset. Grab your headlamp and hit the trailhead for views that can’t be beaten and timing that fits into the typical workday. 

6. Organize a Post-Hike Event

Celebrate stellar views and time with friends and family with a post-hike hang. This can be anything from a picnic at the trailhead, snacks in the parking lot, or beers at a local brewery. We’ve found that sharing your achievement helps end the day on a high note and allows everyone to discuss their favorite parts of the hike. 

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