Are Metal Belt Buckles Dead?

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When it comes to outdoor gear, there’s been innovation in every item in our closets – except our belts. That’s why the team at Arcade has spent the past 13 years transforming how belts can function better in every aspect of life, serving as a piece of gear that’s both functional and comfortable. 

While metal belt buckles have been a staple in fashion and function for centuries, innovation in belts has caused us to ask: are traditional metal belt buckles dead? Read on for our answer. 

About Our Non Metal Belts 

When we first started re-imagining the traditional belt, we wanted to create a lighter, lower-profile buckle that allows for a custom fit. After years of research, we opted to construct our buckles from high density plastic that’s incredibly durable, yet lightweight. When paired with performance stretch webbing, these plastic buckle belts are made to move as you do, the perfect addition to any adventure. 

Pros of Our Metal Free Belts 

1. Micro-adjustable 

Unlike traditional metal buckles, our belts with plastic buckles feature a micro-adjustable dial that ensures a custom fit every time. 

2. Lightweight 

Because our belts are constructed from plastic, they’re much lighter than traditional metal belt buckles. Whether you’re on an adventure where every ounce counts or you’re going about your day-to-day, lightweight gear makes a difference in your overall. comfort.  

3. They’re Built Tough 

We create belts that are useful, dependable, and comfortable, no matter the adventure. Our low-profile buckles paired with performance stretch webbing allow for all-around durability that makes any Arcade belt a worthy companion for adventures big and small. 

4. Travel Friendly 

Because these buckles are made from plastic, they’re travel friendly as well, allowing the wearer to keep their belt on through airport security checkpoints. 

5. Machine Washable 

So, are metal belt buckles dead? No, but for athletes, explorers, and those who prioritize comfort and function above all else, there’s certainly a better choice. Be sure to check out our belts with no metal, built to go everywhere without ever letting you or your pants down.

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