Arcade Ambassadors

It's all about our ambassadors.

Photo  | Bend, OR  |  @markomcinnis

Mark McInnis is a roaming photographer rooted in America’s Pacific Northwest. He’s known for bringing the earth’s natural beauty — and those that delight in it — to a wide range of clients and projects.


Ski  | Tahoe City, CA  |  @myshellparker

Michelle is the kind of person that inspires one to put your feet to the squat rack and work for the things you believe in.

Ski  + Climb | Jackson, WY  |  @jimmychin

Jimmy is a photographer, Oscar and Emmy winning filmmaker, and mountain sports athlete known for his ability to capture extraordinary imagery while climbing and skiing in extremely high-risk environments.

Snowboard  | Truckee, CA  |  @nick_russelll

Not one to follow the status quo, Nick Russell is setting his own track through the mountains. Using a splitboard as his tool to transcend into a higher consciousness, Nickʼs style is blended in Big Mountain exploits and the simplicity of snow surfing.


Ski  | Tahoe City, CA  |  @codytownsend

Cody is that guy who skied that line your grandmother told you about. Growing up in Santa Cruz, most of Cody’s buddies made fun of him for being so obsessed with the oh-so-uncool sport of skiing. To them it just didn’t make sense that one could surf, skate and then do that thing so closely related to rollerblading. Little did they know that Cody didn’t give a shit what they thought.

Skate  | Langhorne, PA  |  @tomasta

Born and raised in Langhorne PA, Tom has the perfect combination of smooth style balanced with incredibly quick technical abilities. Having turned pro for Mystery Skateboards in 2011, Tom now rides for the legendary Santa Cruz Skateboards. Tom can be found competing all year and around the world.

Ski  | Tahoe City, CA  |  @elysesaugstad

Alaskan attitude, California style and a sense of humor drier than a James Bond Martini. From winning World Titles to hitting that air you just chickened out on, to pulling in 50 pound Salmon and surfing overhead waves, there is nothing Elyse takes on without a full tank of high-octane.

Photo  | Salt Lake City, UT  |  @bloodknots

Captivated from early childhood by the splendor of the soaring peaks and powerful rivers of the Intermountain West, there was never a doubt that Asher would carve a career path in recreation and conservation marketing.

Snowboard  | Bend, OR  |  @austinbsmith

Austin has set out to innovate in snowboarding in unforeseen ways. From ditching contests and the established film companies to produce his own films Smith also started Drink Water alongside close friend Bryan Fox.

Skate  | Boca Raton, FL  |  @fabiana_delfino

Fabi brings the real and raw vibes that make you stoked. She can skate anything you put in front of her, all while smiling no matter what happens. Fabi’s one of the women leading the charge not only for female skateboarding but skateboarding as a whole. She is pure skateboarding, 100% through and through.

Snowboard  | Salt Lake City, UT  |  @bodemerrill

Bode Merrill is the veritable king of all-around snowboarding. His innovative urban riding has collected him X-Games Gold in Real Snow. His ability to be on the forefront of urban, backcountry and big mountain riding is unprecedented and unrivaled.